Dear Parents & Carers,

Henham and Ugley PSA is an active and enthusiastic group of people with a passion for raising much needed funds to support our wonderful primary and nursery school.

We are very lucky to be supported by not only Mums and Dads of children attending the school, but the children themselves, who actively take part in our fundraising efforts, alongside grandparents and other relatives, as well as supportive members of the local community.

This year has seen some wonderfully supported events that have provided much fun and frolics for all, including a spookily scary Halloween Disco, a Christmas Bazaar to bring festive cheer, a kids’ pyjama party, a raucous Music Quiz with dancing on the tables (grown ups only!), and of course, our annual Summer Fete which always provides a wonderful family day of entertainment.

In addition to our events, we also run a school lottery scheme. We also subscribe to the Giving Machine where friends and family can literally raise funds for the school while they shop online.

Over the past two years we have raised a fantastic amount to enable the school to purchase among other things, iPads and ActivPanel media screens for all our classrooms, homework books and online learning resources, providing some fabulous and otherwise unachievable resources to support the children in their learning and development.

This year we are raising funds to support a refurbishment of the little library to incorporate a media-suite unit into this area, welcoming seating to encourage reading and new shelving. We are also consulting with all teachers to compile a wish list of much needed classroom resources.

Each year our fund raising efforts become more and more critical to the school, as government funding continues to stagnate, and schools’ budgets are squeezed more and more tightly. Please do get involved and help to support us in any way you can, as every penny we can raise directly supports the school and improves the learning experience of the children.

We hold regular meetings to discuss new fundraising ideas and plan our next events. All meetings are advertised on the Facebook page @HenhamAndUgleyPrimaryPSA and the PSA notice board by the front gates.

If you are interested in supporting the school and getting involved, please do get in touch via our Facebook page, leave a message in the office or grab one of us on the playground.

Yours kindly,

Henham and Ugley Primary and Nursery School PSA