Why do we have Eco Council?

At Henham and Ugley Primary and Nursery School, we believe in caring for the environment and understanding our impact on our amazing planet. Therefore, we have set up an Eco Council consisting of a boy and a girl from each class, from years 1 through to 6.


What does our Eco Council do?

We meet every few weeks to brainstorm new environmentally-friendly ideas which our whole school can take part in.  This includes pupils, their families, staff and hopefully the local community too.

Our latest projects include;

  • a “Push on Plastic” where we are collecting any plastic that the school is going to throw away to create a sculpture to highlight how much plastic is wasted


  • the Walker’s crisp packet recycling initiative through which we are encouraging our whole school to deposit crisp packets in a special bin to be sent off and recycled. We are hoping to extend this to the local village and eventually become an official drop off point for recyclable crisp packets. More information can be found here https://www.walkers.co.uk/recycle

What is our aim?

The children are becoming very aware of how we are damaging our planet. Our Eco Council aims to further encourage them in becoming conscientious, responsible caretakers of it; all doing our best to sustain its beauty and everything it has to offer.