At Henham, we work hard to be a 21st century school, which embraces 21st century technology. We are committed, despite the difficult financial times, particularly for rural schools, to providing excellence in technological learning and our parent body is immensely supportive of this.

Purple Mash

Classes have access to a communal set of iPads and laptops, enough for a class.  They all have their own login to the fabulous learning platform, Purple Mash, with its wealth of computing and cross-curricular learning opportunities, accessible both at school and at home.

Multi-Media Space

Our next technological project, funds and fundraising permitting, is to create a multi-media space where research and study can take place and children can use traditional research materials – books, newspapers, magazines etc – alongside iPads, laptops and other screen based systems.  A marriage of new and traditional.


In addition to iPads and laptops, in each classroom we have desktop computers for children to use as a resource across the curriculum:  a particular favourite is to use it as a spell checker or thesaurus, or even to translate things into French!

Over the last 18 months, the school and parents through the incredibly active PSA have joined forces to provide every classroom with its own state-of-the-art ActivPanel touchscreen whiteboard.  It’s a bit like having a giant iPad in the room.

Having all this upgradeable technology at their fingertips has allowed the children to access, practise and revisit their learning in different ways – which, of course, leads to accelerated progress!