What is School Council?

School Council is the student’s voice at Henham! It is made up of two pupils from each year group who share the opinions and ideas of all pupils in their respective classes.

Voting for school council members takes place at the beginning of the academic year ensuring all children have a chance to represent their class.

School Council work with staff to make improvements to the school ensuring Henham is a fun, safe and positive learning environment for all.

What makes a good school councillor?

Being a school council representative is an important and respected role in the school. They have many different tasks, including feeding back to the class after school council meetings and sharing ideas in assembly. A school councillor is able to:

· Be a good role model to his/her peers

· Have a keen interest in actively making improvements to the school

· Be confident when speaking out

· Show enthusiasm during meetings and feedback sessions

What about School Council meetings?

Each half term, School Council have the opportunity to work with different members of staff who lead the sessions.

School Council meetings take place fortnightly with councillors bringing their school council book full of ideas from their year group peers.

After each sessions, the councillors feedback to their respective classes and the minutes are put up on display.