In line with our strategic objectives and with input from our children, staff, governors and parents, we have set out the vision for our school which we believe demonstrates our ongoing pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our school life.

Our Vision

To develop confidence and promote independence in a safe, supportive environment, where risk taking is encouraged in order to build resilience.

To learn through a varied and inspiring curriculum that engages and challenges all children.

To prepare pupils to become life long learners who are outward looking and respectful of the needs of all individuals.



Inspiring Excellence…

…in all that we do both at school and in the wider community. Creating a culture of learning and challenges that will prepare our children for their journey on to secondary school and for their role as caring and active citizens in modern Britain.




Thinking about our vision and our ‘Inspiring Excellence’ motto, the children helped come up with the following to explain what our values mean to us:


At Henham and Ugley Primary and Nursery school we listen to each other. We treat each other fairly and equally.


Individual Liberty

In our school we are free, and encouraged, to make our own choices.


Mutual Respect

In our school, we treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.



In our school, everybody is valued and we enjoy and celebrate each other’s differences.


Rule of Law


We follow our school values and take care of our school.