School Transport

Our school is a Local Authority primary school and all free transport arrangements will need to be made through Essex County Council.  The full details of the transport policy can be found via this link:Education Transport Policy

Key criteria for free transport to primary school are the following:

Essex County Council  provides home to school transport for children to the NEAREST AVAILABLE school to their home address, providing they meet the qualifying distance criteria of living:

  • Two miles or more for children below the age of eight (school years R – 3)
  • Three miles or more for children aged eight and above (school years 4 – 6)

Low-income families

Essex County Council provides home to school transport to children aged 8-11 (school years 4-6), from low-income families residing in Essex where they live more than two miles from, and are attending, their NEAREST AVAILABLE school.

Low-income families are defined as those who are entitled to free school meals due to their low income (whether the family is claiming these or not), or those who have an annual household income of less than £16,190 before deductions.

How to apply

If your child has been offered a school place and you think you may qualify you can apply for transport in the following ways:

Apply online