Training and testing videos

We’ve put this page together to upload a number of training and system process videos to help with the UAT process and to train staff on how to use the website.

These videos are all created on the Henham website and should be simple to follow, please note over time some processes may change or updates may be added that will require a video to be replaced, if you have any questions please contact a team member at Douglass Digital who will be happy to help.

How to login in to the admin area of the site, also includes and overview of the admin area

How to edit an existing page

How to create a new page

Work required to be done on the site

How to add posts to the site for the news, blog and newsletter sections

How to add a page to the menu or change the menu

How to edit and add images to the site

How to add a new user to the site

How to update the banner house points and attendance on the homepage

How to update the news section on the homepage and the newsletter page

How to update the menu

How to add and update the class pages

How to change the large header image on a page