Year 6

Mrs Carter

Newsletter – Spring 2020

Dear parents / carers

Happy New Year! I hope that you have had a thoroughly enjoyable, fulfilling festive break and end to 2019. I certainly did. I am sure that the children are raring to go and ready to continue their journey through year 6!

This half term we will be exploring the history of the Kingdom of Benin from AD900 onwards. This is relatively unknown territory for me as well as for the children so, together, we will be using our historical enquiry skills to find out as much as possible and to compare it to contemporaneous British history.

We will use this topic as a stimulus in other subjects. The children will:

  • write formal information leaflets regarding Benin for their parents alongside informal leaflets on the same topic for children in LKS2 (so that they will have a little understanding of the topic when it is their turn to study it in UKS2);
  • write fables for performance – story telling was a large part of life in the Kingdom of Benin;
  • draw, paint and dye in the ancient Benin style;
  • compose music in the ancient Benin style;
  • learn about the countries of Africa through map work

The children will continue their daily maths and English lessons – applying their number skills to general problems, measurements, geometry, algebra and statistics, and continuing to improve their reading response, spelling and grammar skills. We also hope to enjoy a DT day with Mr Russell (Ethan and Robin’s dad) and a colleague from Hockerill school, who have generously offered to spend a day with the class, improving the children’s design skills

In other areas of the curriculum, children will look at:

  • text adventures in computing;
  • more history of 20th century popular music;
  • sacred texts in RE
  • how to describe the weather, the geography etc of France in French
  • high five netball; indoor athletics; dance and gymnastics in PE (please ensure PE kits are in school – lessons continue to take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays);
  • evolution; inheritance and adaptation of animals and plants in science

After half term we will switch our focus in English to fiction writing again and will use the books of Anthony Browne as a stimulus for our creative writing as well as for our artwork. In addition, we will shift our geography focus on to the world’s biomes and the effect of human activity on them.

Being mindful of our high expectations for the children’s progress, we will be giving some children extra opportunities to practise or pre-learn maths concepts and reading skills, that they feel they need additional time to grasp. We will fit this into the afternoon sessions, running alongside normal lessons. I am highly aware of the children’s potential and will ALWAYS provide opportunities for them to be challenged, stretched and to exceed year 6 expectations.

Homework will continue in the same vein as last term; however, I urge you to help your child practise times tables as much as possible at home. Not knowing them can be something of a barrier to new learning, so please help!

Please remember we are a healthy school and the children are only allowed to bring in a healthy snack for their morning break time.  Check out for ideas on swapping to healthier snacks.

We also have several children and adults with severe nut allergies in school so please remember Henham is nut-free.  If your child does bring in a food item that may contain nuts, please be advised that we will place this back in their school bag to be returned home.  Thank you for your continued support.

Finally, I continue not be in class on Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons as these are my allocated DHT / PPA times. I will be assisted this term by Mrs Holman and Mrs deHowes.

If you have any concerns, please pop into the class to see me. I am always happy to chat about your children!

Mrs Bex Carter,

Deputy Head Teacher