Year 5

Mrs Brogan

Newsletter Spring 2020

Happy New Year! We hope you had a relaxing break, taking time to enjoy family and friends and make lasting memories. Thank you for all the lovely cards and gifts, you are a generous bunch!  After 2 weeks of eating, sleeping and taking it easy, we are all ready for an exciting new term which promises to be a varied and challenging one!

Here is an overview of what the term has in store:

Maths: We will be focussing on fractions, decimals and percentages. Being able to make conversions and developing our fluency skills and using these skills to tackle reasoning and problem solving activities. We will continue working on developing our arithmetic skills and continuing to improve fluency in our times tables.

English: We will practise our spellings daily, linking with the spelling rules for the week, which I will continue to send as homework.

We have been incorporating relative clauses, using relative pronouns in our writing. We will continue with this, as well as looking at modal verbs and adverbials. Our writing emphasis will be on writing for a particular audience and purpose and consider how our writing style should be adapted to suit.

Our writing will be linked to our history and science topics, as well as a variety of texts. We will be writing and producing leaflets, with you (parents) being our audience; these will be sent home.

There will be an emphasis on comprehension this term, developing inference and predication skills, as well as responding to questions which require children to provide a point and substantiate with evidence.

Our punctuation focus will be brackets, dashes or commas to indicate parenthesis.

Science: I’m very excited about our topic this term….Earth and Space! We will carry out various enquiries and link this topic art/DT. If the children have any books/models/posters etc… they would like to bring in and share, that would be lovely.

Music: The children will be developing their improvisation and composition skills.

PE: we continue to develop our netball skills this term and will also be doing sports hall athletics. PE will continue to be on a Wednesday and Thursday; full kits need to be in school on these days.

Geography: We will continue with our study of North America; creating 3D maps of regions, learning about the topographical features of the area. We will then move onto map work.

French: Children will learn how to discuss the time, when mealtimes are, shop opening times etc… They will then learn how to give their opinions on their favourite and least favourite foods, drinks etc…

Computing: We will be learning how to read and compile spreadsheets. We will also further develop our history research skills; using the web to investigate and collect historic evidence for our topic.

History: The Benin Kingdom will be a topic for the next term. We will immerse ourselves in the West African 15th-16th century world, linking our investigations to our writing and art projects. The children will develop their research skills and be able to make historical comparisons. The result of our research will be a museum style exhibition.

PHSE: Considering our mental health, mindfulness and adopting a growth mindset will continue to be an area of importance and discussion this term. We will also be considering ‘future roles’ and what aspirations the children have for their futures, as well as discussions around relationships.

Please remember we are a healthy school and the children are only allowed to bring in a healthy snack for their morning break time.  Check out for ideas on swapping to healthier snacks.

We also have several children and adults with severe nut allergies in school so please remember Henham is nut-free.  If your child does bring in a food item that may contain nuts, please be advised that we will place this back in their school bag to be returned home.  Thank you for your continued support.

What an exciting term we have ahead of us! If you would like to talk to me at any time, please do not hesitate to pop in and we’ll arrange a time to meet.


Mrs Brogan and the Year 5 team.