Year 4

Mrs Brennan

Week 2, 30th March 2020

Dear Year 4 Families,

Well, what a strange week it has been!  In many ways, it has been a very long one, and in other ways a short one as I prepare another week’s worth of activities for home learning.

It has been so lovely to receive emails from you and the children, sharing a wide range of learning activities from Viking costumes and messages for me to decode in Runes, to some amazing English writing, picnic planning, and planet/space learning  (where families have also followed their child’s interests and produced their own learning trail).  Please keep sharing work with me via email – I promise to respond to each one and keep contact with the children going.

I have put together another English and Maths pack for this week, though please don’t feel that this is exhaustive, or needs to be done fully from start to finish.  Dip in and out of it as you need.  Purple Mash activities have been a favourite activity this week it would seem, so I have set a few different maths, spelling and grammar activities on Purple Mash too that will be live from Monday.   Please also remember to look at the web links on our school website for further ideas and activities.

Maths this week is to recap Roman Numerals from earlier on in this year.  Attached are various activities, and answer sheets where possible too.  Maybe the children could arrange strips of straws as Roman Numerals for you to identify?

As ever, I think about you all often, hope that you are all safe and well, and look forward to hearing from you soon,

Best Wishes,

Mrs Espie

Please see below for the links to this week’s activities, 3oth March 2020: