23rd March 2020

Dear Parents and carers,

Well, it’s been a rather strange day in school today, we have really missed having all the children with us!

I really hope that the first day of the directive to close all schools has gone well for you all.

You may have already seen that I have updated the school website to now include links to activities and tasks that your children can access during this period of closure.

Each class has its own page, under the tab ‘children’ which will be updated each week (excluding the Easter holidays), and can be accessed via this link: https://henhamugley.essex.sch.uk/children/classes/

Additionally, in the same tab, you will also find an ‘online learning websites’ links page, https://henhamugley.essex.sch.uk/online-learning-website-links/  where there is a variety of sites that I hope will be useful.  If you come across any great sites that aren’t on the page, do let me know so I can share with other parents.

We are keen to make sure we can maintain our school community, if not the real world, at least in the virtual one. To that end, Mrs Carter has created both a Facebook page – upon which we will post important information – and a private Facebook group. The group is much like your class groups, but it is administered by the school leaders and it gives you a private forum in which to have a chat with each other and with any staff who have signed up to it. If you would like to be part of our new virtual community please search for ‘Henham and Ugley Information’. This will hopefully get you to the page, which you should then ‘like’. Once on the page, please ask to join the group. You will be asked a couple of questions. The administrator will then accept your request. We look forward to chatting with you!

I will of course, continue to update you by sending out any new information I receive from the DfE and Essex County Council, as well as putting up regular updates on the school website.

You may have already seen this important message from Cllr David Finch, Leader of Essex County Council?  He says:

Coronavirus      Stay at home, save lives

Dear resident,

I have never written to anyone on a more important subject. I would ask that you please take a moment to read this message.

We are facing the biggest challenge of our times. Coronavirus is a killer. If we do nothing, 500,000 people across our great country will die.

But that horrendous outcome will not happen, provided we act.

The Government has issued good advice. But not all of us are following it.

This is not good enough. We MUST heed the advice from Government.

It is simple. And it is in our hands.


Across Essex this weekend, we have seen people behaving in a way which was very much like going about their usual business.

I will be blunt. This is not acceptable.

We MUST socially distance.

Even though some schools across Essex will stay open, you should ONLY take your children to them, if you have been notified that you are a critical worker AND if you absolutely have NO other option.


If the epidemic peaks, as it has in Italy, which has a world-class health system, the NHS will be overwhelmed.

We must not allow the ‘peak’ of the epidemic to outstrip the NHS’s capacity to care.

Every single one of us can ensure that this nightmare scenario does not happen.

In China, and South Korea, the spread of the virus has been kept in check because Governments have acted quickly enough, and people have followed advice. We must follow suit. Our great County of Essex has always risen to the challenges over the decades. This is the greatest one of our times.

Please, follow the advice. Stay Home. Save Lives. #StayHomeSaveLives

Finally, if you do need any help or support during this difficult time, below are the email addresses of staff you can contact during usual school hours:

Kim Hall – Headteacher: head@henhamugley.essex.sch.uk

Rachel Hipperson – administration: admin@henhamugley.essex.sch.uk

Rebecca Carter – Deputy Headteacher and Year 6 Class teacher: DHT@henhamugley.essex.sch.uk

Jules Cowell – SENCo: j.cowell@henhamugley.essex.sch.uk

Nicky Brogan – Year 5 Class teacher: n.brogan@henhamugley.essex.sch.uk

Suzie Espie – Year 4 Class teacher: s.espie@henhamugley.essex.sch.uk

Georgie Brennan – Year 3 Class teacher: g.brennan@henhamugley.essex.sch.uk

Elena Jeremy – Year 2 Class teacher: e.jeremy@henhamugley.essex.sch.uk

Katrina Branch – Year 1 Class teacher: k.branch@henhamugley.essex.sch.uk

Kate Barford – EYFS Class teacher: k.barford@henhamugley.essex.sch.uk

Please, please do get in touch if there is anything we can help you with.

With my continued best wishes,

Kim Hall,  Headteacher

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